Customize Your New Apartment Without Making Permanent Changes

You've made a great decision to move into an apartment instead of a house as you can rely on someone else to make updates and repairs as needed, amenities like pools and parks are right outside the front door, and your monthly rent is sure to more affordable than a mortgage payment would be. In fact, an apartment for rent is an effective way to save some money on your living expenses so you can afford a down payment for a home later down the line.

But just because you'll be living in a space that you don't technically own doesn't mean that you can't make customizations where you see fit. Here are four awesome customization options you can implement without having to make permanent changes to the apartment itself:

Infuse the Space with Color

An effective way to customize your apartment is to infuse it with some color for added depth and mood maintenance. For example hues of blue tend to lower blood pressure and relieve stress, while yellow invokes joy and provides some peace of mind. More than likely you can't paint the walls without having to pay an extra deposit, if even then. So, you'll have to come up with alternative color infusion options – here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Cut a couple pieces of plywood into 16 strips each, which should all be two-inches in width and eight feet in length once cut. Paint the plywood with a high-gloss color of your choice and tack the plywood along the top of bottom walls of a room to create 3D trim.
  • Replace the window and door frames with your own colorful options and keep the originals in a closet so they can be re-installed before you move out.
  • Install colorful curtains in front of your windows, and apply colored insulation film on each of them. Insulation film comes in a variety of colors, shades, and designs. Some will even make your windows look like stained glass!
  • Use colored light bulbs in some of the outlets around your apartment.

The idea is to implement color into each room that creates an environment and mindset you feel the most comfortable, safe, and inspired in.

Install Faux Built-ins

Another interesting way to customize your apartment without making permanent changes is to install faux built-ins throughout the space. There are several ways to get the job done such as installing floating shelves in the corners of your rooms to use as end tables. When painted the same color as your walls, they'll look like they are a permanent part of the architecture.

You can also put enough wooden bookshelves into a room that they completely cover one wall from corner to corner. The shelving will look like a built-in construction, which is sure to add texture and sophistication to the space. And putting a small wooden table on hinges then attaching those hinges to a wall at waist height will provide you with a space saving built-in desk to enjoy.  

Enclose Your Porch or Balcony

Create some extra living space for yourself by closing in your apartment's porch or balcony with some screen. You can buy a roll of screen at your local hardware store and simply use a staple gun to attach the screen along the edges of your outdoor space's frame. It's easy to take off and when you're ready to move, and no damage should be left behind after removal.

Once the screen is attached, you've got an instant outdoor space that's always free of bugs and pests. You can grow a garden, create a reading room, set up an outdoor dining area, or put together a mini play yard for the kids without worrying about excessive wind, rain, or mosquito bites.

After implementing these tips and tricks you'll likely feel as if you're stepping into your own personal kingdom of comfort, as if you own the place yourself.