4 Creative Ways To Increase Storage Options In Your Apartment

Apartments offer many of the same benefits a house does but without all the responsibilities that tend to fall on the shoulders of homeowners, such as the oversight of maintenance and property taxes. And while apartments may be smaller than the typical house, but there are a few perks to take advantage of that homeowners don't have access to – there is less space to worry about cleaning, heating and cooling costs are typically lower, and small pieces of décor make a big impact which makes it more affordable to design each space. But storage space can become a problem if you stick to the original amenities provided within your apartment. Here are a few creative things you can do to increase storage options to keep things organized:

Install Floating Shelves

Shelves make it easy to keep everything from books and DVDs to household accessories and nick-knacks organized, which tends to lend to a more spacious feeling overall. You can make your shelving look built-into the wall by installing it from edge to edge. What's great about floating shelves is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can design a unique shelving unit that meets your specific needs and preferences. Floating shelves can be used in any room. You can even create a wall entertainment center using floating shelves to save some space in your living room.

Create Cubbies under the Bed

Another great way to create some extra storage space in your apartment is to create cubbies under the beds. This can be done by getting together a few rectangle wicker baskets or plastic tubs and laying them on their sides under the beds so their openings face outward. These cubbies provide safe storage for things such as socks and underwear, winter clothing, spare blankets, shoes, toys, and family photos.

It's important to measure the space between the bottom of your beds and the floor so you know what size containers to purchase. You can save some money on this project by shopping at thrift stores for your containers. If your used containers need a little sprucing up you can use some furniture paint on them. This cubby-hole project should work great under the counter in your bathroom too.

Install Some Hooks Behind the Doors

Save some space in your drawers and closets by hanging hooks behind the doors in your living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. The living room hooks can be used to store jackets and sweaters, while the bathroom hooks make great spots for bathrobes and bedrooms hooks can easily accommodate pajamas, blankets, and even extra sheets. Installing hooks near the entrance in your kitchen will provide you with dedicated storage space for aprons, pots holders, and kitchen towels.

Hang Baskets in the Kitchen and Bathroom

To create a more spacious atmosphere in your kitchen and bathroom, implement wire baskets to hold small items and accessories. Keep your bathroom counter and tub free of clutter by hanging baskets in the corners of the room and filling them with shampoo, brushes, hair maintenance products, and things like que-tips and cotton balls.

Hang baskets under the cabinets and large counters in your kitchen to hold items such as produce, supplements, sandwich baggies, kitchen utensils, and condiments that don't need to be refrigerated. You'll find that your countertops, shelves, and fridge stay are less cluttered thanks to the baskets.

These tips and tricks are easy do-it-yourself projects that shouldn't take longer than a weekend to complete, which makes it easy to take everything with you to your new home if you decide to move in the future.